VTN - Your Arkansas Christian Connection

Word Alive
with Kent & Beverly Mattox

Word Alive combines teaching, insight and compassion as it reaches out to a hurting world. Join Kent and Beverly Mattox as they explore the truths in God's word. You'll discover your freedom in Christ through love and service to others. Watch Word Alive on Tuesday mornings at 8:30am.

Israel: The Prophetic Connection

The new season of Israel: The Prophetic Connection with Dr. John Tweedie starts this week! Sign of the Times will focus on the prophetic signs Jesus of Nazareth said would point to the nearness of His Second Coming to earth. Given the recent events in Israel and the Middle East, this series takes on added significance as we move deeper into the End Times. Join Dr. Tweedie on Thursday at 6:30pm, and Saturday at 3:30pm on VTN.

Family Strong
with Pastor Danny DuVall

The Assembly in Cabot, Arkansas presents Family Strong. Pastor Danny DuVall is confronting the real issues behind our front doors, all while building your faith and strengthening your family! Watch Family Strong, Sunday at 10pm on VTN.

Your Perfect Day
from Jasper Christian Center

James and Susan Gardner are the pastors and founders of Jasper Christian Center in Alabama. Their teaching proclaims the truth of God's Word with revelation and clarity so that it's easily grasped, learned and enjoyed! Watch Your Perfect Day on Friday at 8:30am, and Sunday at 2:30pm on VTN.